• Tea Trio | Loose Leaf Tea Samples

    Sold By: Green Tea

    Your choice of three loose leaf tea blends. This makes a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Check our our line of beautiful tea strainers to complete your gift.

    Blends & Ingredients:

    Wildwood Cedar, Mount Hood Hops, Bee Wrangle, Smoke + Juniper, Nordic Morning, Juniper Summit, Cascade Cherry, Tamarack Merry, Sahalie Rain, Autumn Gold, Trailhead Huckleberry, Rose City Chocolate, GreenBluff Green, Pacific Coast Lavender, High Desert Sunrise, Northwest Berry, Harvest Apple, Farmers Market Mint, Centennial Chai, Inland Grey, Down River Harvest, Northern Twilight, Old Town Licorice, Homestead Peach, Winter Solstice

  • Coffee Sampler

    Sold By: Mocha Joe

    An Assorted Gift Box of 2 ounces samples of our best sellers:  

    • Guatemala Huehuetenango 
    • Sumatra
    • Mexico Roasted
    • Timor Roasted 
    • Brazilian 
    • Colombian
    • Honduras Peru Notes 
    • Ethiopian 

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